A Heart Full

Artist Residency, Lovely Listowel, Magical Listowel
It is my last night in on Irish soil and my heart is heavy yet full – I know I have laid special roots of friendship in the Gaelic earth. I carry a heart full of that soil in me as I head home.
I am changed, my art has changed. Changed may not be the right term, a better would be,  grown. I have witnessed rolling hills matched by smiles as big. I have been adopted into a new culture and family of friends. I am better for it.
I am honored to have introduced crazy idea of iPad painting, what is this digital art? I cherish thefreedom to be looser with line and greeting on the street. I sang and drank with folks who were anything but strangers. I dined on lovingly prepare meals all washed down with pints of cheer and laughter.
I have no doubt the shapes, colors and tones with which I have engaged will continued to bloom in my work. I will remember.
Sláinte Mhaith! and many thanks to you all.

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