Settling in



Miss Lillie Morris and myself are settling ourselves here in Lovely Listowell. I in my theater seat and Miss Lillie in the studio toiling away.

However, surprises are coming. We have it on good authority that the easter rabbit himself will be making an appearance around town. While you may not see his fuzzy self he is sure to be leaving goodies about our fair town.

Until next-Staci and Lillie

Magpies All Around


IMG_0988I just can’t stay away from birds! They have always fascinated me with their colors and stories.
We learned a new bird story on our trip through the Dingle peninsula. Damian and Ger, our tour guides, kept waving at the large black and white birds we passed. When we asked, the answer was simple; Ger said, “I’m just waving away sorrow”….. Read more at Caroline’s blog:–newsings


Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Today marked the turn in our trip to Lovely Listowel.  It’s March 17th and the month is going by fast.

We have seen real sheep….

I’ve made one….

…. and then there are adorable children who dress as sheep!”

The studio and gallery are full of repurposed junk from around Listowel.  There is new meaning to..”it takes a village.”  I’ve had a lot of help from everyone.

…and a blessing from St. Patrick.

More to follow…. thank you Listowel!